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Chiasm IRC Chatlog (12/28/04)
PlanetVampire members were lucky enough to get a chance to chat with Emileigh Rohn aka Chiasm whose song "Isolated" appeared on the Bloodlines soundtrack. Here is the log of that event.

Interview with the Vampire - Redux (12/09/04)
Now it's Jeanette's turn. Dan talks to Erin Layne about what it's like to be the face of a game like Bloodlines.

Interview with the Vampire (10/05/04)
Dan sits down and has a heart to heart with Felixx, the model for Tim Bradstreet's Nosferatu wallpaper.

GameSpy walkthrough with Thaine Lyman (08/04/2004)
Vampire's executive producer Thaine Lyman walks us through a 30 minute demonstration of the Half-Life 2 powered RPG.

GameSpy developer chat log (06/03/04)
A log of a developer chat hosted by GameSpy. The fans ask their own questions of Leonard Boyarsky and TJ Perillo from Troika.

Bloodlines meets the Source Engine (05/30/03)
An old editorial with Dan's impression of the famous Source Engine demo from E3 2003 and his thoughts on what Source means for Bloodlines.

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