In Bloodlines you can play as a vampire from one of the seven clans that are members of the Camarilla sect. Each clan conforms to a popular vampire archetype. There are the decadent Toreador, reminiscent of the vampires from Anne Rice novels; the aristocratic Ventrue (Dracula was probably one of these); and the deformed, skulking Nosferatu similar to the vampire from the 1922 Murnau classic film. Each clan is geared toward a different style of play so you'll definitely find one that suits you.


The Brujah are brutes and thugs with a bad, bad temper. Punks, bikers, metal heads, social outcasts and left-wing radicals make up their ranks. Their clan is an oxymoron; they're united by their rebellious streak and they somehow manage to remain in the Camarilla despite their dislike of authority. They can rely on each other though, and while their clan is largely disorganized they will rally together to help their clan mates in times of need.

Nickname: Rabble

Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence

Merits: The Brujah love to fight and prefer to get their message across as personally as possible - with their fists. They a +1 bonus to Unarmed Combat.

Flaws: Due to their hot temper, the Brujah have only tenuous control over the Beast within. They are more likely to frenzy when taking damage in combat.


The Gangrel are loners and wanderers. They can go for years at a time without encountering another member of their own clan, much less another vampire. They are attuned to the natural world and prefer their solitude far from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization where they can live and hunt in peace. As isolationists they have become very self-reliant and while that means there may not be any allies around should a Gangrel find himself in a predicament, they are less likely to need help than the other clans anyway. Such a basic and primal existence brings the Gangrel into a close relationship with their inner Beast.

Nickname: Outlanders

Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean

Merits: Living alone and in the wild hones their survival instincts. When a Gangrel frenzies those instincts take over and they get a +5 bonus to Strength, Stamina and Wits.

Flaws: Having a great affinity with natural forces means that the Beast is closer to the surface of their consciousness than with the other clans. Gangrel are more likely to frenzy when taking damage in combat.


The Malkavians are insane. Their madness dwells in their blood and is passed from sire to childe generation after generation. Of course, madness is a subjective thing. Those afflicted with it might regard it as a gift more so than a malady. The forms that the madness takes run the gamut of known archetypes - from the loony prankster to the tripped out conspiracy nut to the stoic but sadistic psychopath who might seem outwardly normal and not reveal the extent to which insanity rages within him.

Nickname: Kooks

Disciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate

Merits: Due to their unique 'insights' the Malkavians get a +2 bonus to their Inspection feat and the voices they hear will sometimes give them helpful clues.

Flaws: They're completely mad. Their dialog is bizarre and sometimes entirely incomprehensible. The voices aren't always right, or even telling the truth.


The Nosferatu are a walking horror to mortals. Upon being embraced their cursed blood twists and contorts the afflicted into hideous, foul creatures. When one looks the way a Nosferatu does one would tend to stick to the shadows - and that's exactly what the Nosferatu do. They seldom reveal their presence, preferring to move through the dark alleys and sewers where others wouldn't dare tread. They hear a lot of things from their vantage point in the dark, too. The Nosferatu trade in information and their library of secrets on the other clans is considerable. They're the ones you go to when you need to know. But it will come at a price.

Nickname: Sewer Rats

Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence

Merits: Used to a life dwelling in the fetid sewers they make their homes in, they're no strangers to making do with a limited menu. The Nosferatu get a bonus when feeding on rats. After all, they're plentiful and they don't care what you look like.

Flaws: Monstrous creatures, their appearance can never go above 0. You can also forget about sweet-talking a mortal into giving you her phone number or charming them into an alley for a quick snack.


Decadent, hedonistic, shallow. These words might best describe the Toreador to an outsider but in reality they're far more sophisticated than that. The embrace brings with it a (sometimes paralyzing) fascination with beauty. Works of art, designer clothes and classical music are as vital to a Toreador as the precious blood upon which they subsist. Not all are content to merely admire and among the Toreador are many artists who pour their passion into canvas, paper or music. Their fascination with beauty isn't without its problems though. Imagine if you will a vampire who stays up too late and becomes fixated on the beauty of a morning sunrise...

Nickname: Degenerates

Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence

Merits: Still fascinated with the trappings of the mortal world, the Toreador are perhaps not as removed from their former mortal selves than the other clans. As such they their cost for buying humanity is halved and their humanity rewards are doubled.

Flaws: The higher you are the further you fall. Because of their stronger grasp on humanity the Toreador have an acute sense of ethics not shared by the other clans. When you do commit an act that reduces your humanity the effects are doubled.


The Tremere are relative newcomers to the world of Vampires. Originally a cabal of sorcerers and mages, some outsiders claim that they are in fact not Vampires at all and they have merely mastered a form of magic that grants them immortality and share all the hallmarks that is the curse of Caine. Some say that their founder, Tremere, succeeded in capturing one of the Antediluvians and diablerizing him - thus becoming an extremely powerful vampire himself before then passing the curse on to the rest of his mages. Either way the Tremere are regarded as interlopers in the world of Vampires and are not trusted by the other clans. Despite this, they maintain a strong and increasing presence in the Camarilla although they are perhaps only tolerated due to the consequences of having the insidious Tremere as foes instead of allies. They practice and ancient form of blood magic called Thaumaturgy which was made only more powerful with the introduction of Cainite blood into their veins. They are shrewd, devious and utterly without remorse.

Nickname: Warlocks

Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy

Merits: They have Thaumaturgy at their disposal - a unique discipline that grants them terrible powers no other clan possesses.

Flaws: The Tremere devote their time to scholarly pursuits. As a consequence their physical development suffers. No physical stat can be raised above 4.


The Ventrue aristocratic and influential. The members of clan Ventrue tend to rise to (and be drawn from) the upper echelons of society. As such their ranks are filled by intelligent, strong willed and powerful people. They are sophisticated and organized; they founded the Camarilla and still lead the sect to this day. They ensure that Traditions are maintained for the good of all vampire society and direct the jyhad against the Sabbat. While their status affords them comfortable unlives they are perhaps a bit spoiled by this and are regarded as old fashioned and a little detached from the "real world" by some of the other clans.

Nickname: Blue Bloods

Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Merits: They can use their Dominate discipline in conversation with other characters giving them more dialog choices and increasing their chances for favorable outcomes. Their status within Kindred society is also a bonus and they are more readily accepted by other Camarilla.

Flaws: Life at the top means they're not accustomed to getting by at the bottom of society. Only the blood of upper class mortals can sate them. If they feed from a bum or a prostitute there is a chance they will only vomit it straight back up again and they can't feed on rats at all.

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