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Skyra to Hollow - Site Director

Nobody knows much about this guy, except that he's been around for years and years. He was a programmer for the WoDMod in 2001 and provided E3 coverage in 2004. Since then he has served as forum moderator, technical advisor, breaker-upper-of-fights, and quite possibly one of the world's last remaining hardcore Wraith fans.

Signothorn - Marketing & Community Relations Rep

Whether he's scouring the web for Redemption roleplaying groups or breaking up fights in Off Topic, Sig helps keep the community plugged in and alive.

Dante_Malice - Quality Assurance Reb & Web Consultant

Originally on loan from Planet Elder Scrolls, Dante eventually joined us on a permanent basis. Although he still keeps things running over at PES, he contributes to PV by keeping the site user-friendly and the content up to date.

Javokis - Redemption Guru

Probably the best-known name in the Redemption community. He has been involved in countless mods, maps, and other useful high-quality add-ons. He is also an advisor and moderator for the Redemption board.

Wesp5 - Bloodlines Guru

As stalwart developer of the long-lived Unofficial Patch, Wesp5 has contributed greatly to the game's longevity. He is also an advisor and moderator for the Bloodlines board.

non_applicable - World of Darkness MMO Guru

As more and more information on the MMO began to surface, it became clear that we needed a dedicated staff member to manage our ever-growing FAQ and moderate its corner of our forum. non_applicable stepped up to the plate, and serves the community by managing our growing body of knowledge and helping to sort out fact from fiction.

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