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Files in Mods

Name Author
Asphole Club Music Pack GothicSeraphim
Bloodhunt (Warzone) Mod GothicSeraphim
Bloodlines Unoffical Patch 2.0 Wesp5
Bloodlust Mod lothario
Clan Chocula Mod MoonMad
CompMod V1.x
Confession Music Pack GothicSeraphim
Devs Materials For V
Downtown LA music GothicSeraphim
Expanded Histories Mod lothario
Fan Made Poster Set
Slim Laurence
Fledgling Mod lothario
Giovanni Music Pack GothicSeraphim
Halo's Reworks Mod
Heat Vision Removal MoonMad
Heather Live w/ Unofficial Patch ???
Hollywood Music Pack GothicSeraphim
Intro Music GothicSeraphim
Malkavian Voices Unknown
More Textures for V
Music for V
NPC frenzy like PC
NPC frenzy witn a converter DDLullu
Original Unofficial 1.2 Patch Dan Upright
Pop's Difficulty and Enhancement Mod Version 2.00 Populism
Poster Set 1
ReliVe Mod
Sabbat Mission Music GothicSeraphim
Society of Leopold Mod
Society of Leopold Music GothicSeraphim
True to Unlife Poster Set
Slim Laurence
True VTMB Patch ver. 5.04AT Acrimonious/Tessera
Unofficial Patch 5.9 Wesp5
Unofficial Patch: Stripped Beta V2 Offkorn
V2 NPC frenzy like PC
VV's Club Music Pack GothicSeraphim
XP Augmentation Mod Obex