Map Review 25nd of June 2001

We promised another review for later on in the day and here it is. It's a review of the map Gangrel Haven by Day by an at this time unknown author.

The next update which will take place sometime towards the end of the week will have a load of new review for you to feast upon, rather than the snack that is today's update.


New Map Reviews 25nd of June 2001

We've got two new map reviews for you to feast upon today. We may have some more reviews up later on in the day but this isn't definate as yet.

I'd also like to say thanks to {iga}Pink for giving me the names of some of authors of some of our previously reviewed maps. The help was much appreciated.


New Hosting 22nd of June 2001

Well after some serious trouble over the last couple of days we've finally moved the site over to Planet Vampire. This means we'll not have to worry about server space and we can now concentrate on reviewing files for Vampire. A big thank you to the Planet Vampire team for hosting the site.

Downloads are still mainly handled through either Mod Haven or File Planet though as we didn't see much point in uploaded copies of files already on the servers.

If you would like your mod/skin/model/map reviewed at Fleshcraft simply send us a URL where we can download the file and we'll get on it as soon as possible. Files submitted via e-mail will recieve priority over files which we donwload from Mod Haven and will be reviewed first.


Map Reviews 22nd of June 2001

We've got a good number of map reviews uploaded recently. As we got these from Maps Galore packs and as a result a few of these map's authors are currently unknown. If you recognise your map as one reviewed below please e-mail us and we'll sort this out as quickly as possible.

Without further ado the maps reviewed for todays update are:


Skin Review 22nd of June 2001

We've also posted a skin review. The review available here is of the Modern Serena skin pack by VampireWriter.

On a similar note we hope to have a review of the Modue skin pack by Unstable Equilibrium up shortly.