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Vampires and Werewolves have as far back as anybody can remember been enemies, and considering the somewhat prolonged lifespan of the Vampires that is a long time. While the Vampires prefer the urban jungle (with the possible exception of the Gangrel), Werewolves prefer the real one (or at least areas as vegetated as possible).

  • The Lupines (another word for Werewolf) can take on any form between man and wolf. A large, hairy, bestial killing machine is the most common, while in this form all their physical attributes are effectively doubled. Making them more than a match for any fledgling vampire, or even elders.
  • Their attacks come faster than from any other creatures, this power resembles Celerity just without the blood cost.
  • After being damaged, they heal even quicker than vampires. One health level each turn, only aggravated damage (fire, silver and teeth/claws of other supernaturals) can cause lasting wounds. All werewolves can soak aggravated damage as well as the other forms of damage, while a vampire can only soak aggravated damage with the Fortitude discipline.
  • The powers of a werewolf is fuelled by Gnosis, it's like vampire blood. Gnosis is regained by meditation or by bargaining with spirits.
  • Instead of disciplines they have gifts, the nature of these gifts are still unknown to the Vampires. And none are foolish enough to find out.


Not much is known about these creatures, which have been showing up more and more. Nobody knows how they are created or who they serve.

The Inquisition (aka The Society of Leopold)

Many modern Vampires think of the Society of Leopold as a toothless organization that is no real threat towards their superior powers. They often end up dead or worse. It is true though that the faith of the society is crumbling, before many of which had the power commonly referred to as True Faith. In these modern nights however, they find themselves under new leadership. People to whom torture is one more tool at their disposal, consequently many question these new methods as well as their faith. However the Society isn't totally without teeth, they're well armed and trained. And let us not forget a very important fact; they work by day. Even the most powerful of the modern vampires will be heavily tested, against a few experienced agents during the daylight hours. So do not think they are totally harmless.


A long time ago in Mesopotamia, the Baali bloodline grew forth into the night. Considered even more purely evil than the Setites, whom only want for the resurrection of their dead god, the Baali want nothing short of feeding the world itself into the fire of hell. Zealous in their belief that eventual utter darkness will ascend, and that all vampires serve the forces of evil, whatever form it may take. During the early Dark Ages, before the inquisition, the Baali was active and well organized. But an alliance of clans, in rare show of unity, broke the infernal web, which the Baali had constructed. Every last member have at least some knowledge of the occult and unseen, as the clan only embrace intelligent, driven and utterly callous persons. On top of that there's an old saying, "Thy shall search wide and far. And still it shall be a quicker search to find a unicorn's horn, than a Baali not on the road of Demons." Dedicated to demon rule on earth, they all work towards the goal of establishing this hierarchy. But as it is each member wants to be the summoner of these infernal masters, these spawns inner strife and conflict. They work in secret and sharing their work with none; older members are even more competitive than younger ones. Every elder lay his plans in isolation, since each one seek to become the summoner. He who becomes the summoner will rule eternally as the demons regent, or so the Baali claims.

Clan disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence and Dark Thaumaturgy.

Their particular weakness is their vulnerability towards religious symbols; crosses, Stars of David and the like, and suffers double damage from True Faith.


A vampire's vitae is a potent substance indeed, so great that its power can be transferred to others, not only through the embrace or by committing diablerie, but also by feeding it to mortals. Mortals who feed on vampiric blood get power above the human norm, their power those under no circumstance match that of a true vampire. But supernatural power none the less. In addition to this, mortals are no more resistant to blood bonding than vampires. This makes Ghouls excellent servants, not only do they have supernatural strength but they're also almost unfailingly loyal.

As long as the Ghoul get supplied with vampire blood on a regular basic, he those not age. But if he should pass his natural lifespan, then he would age and die within weeks, maybe even minutes, after the last of the vampiric blood has left his body. As with vampires Ghouls may use their blood for healing, or to increase physical Attributes. They soak as mortals, except that they may soak lethal damage as well with vampire vitae in their veins.

Every Ghoul gain Potence level 1, minutes after their first drink of vampiric blood, many can also learn Fortitude. But few can get higher-level disciplines, or indeed other disciplines at all, but a few Ghouls who serve particularly old Kindred may gain power beyond the norm. A weakness by being a Ghoul is the frenzy, which too is a trait that is passed on by the blood they receive.


During the early night of the Dark Ages, a new clan, called Tremere, found themselves in a pressed position. Many clans saw them as another rival, and feared their magical potency. Besieged at all sides by ancient and powerful vampire clans, and haunted by the Tzimisce for more personal reasons, they hovered at the edge of oblivion. The stories claim that it was their founder himself, Tremere, who found the solution to their problems. Using their alchemical knowledge Tremere and his circle of seven, performed experiments on captured Nosferatus and Gangrel. And after a short while they managed to spawn a new race of vampires, a race who should be loyal to the Tremere and serve as their protectors. So it was when the first Gargoyle saw the light of the moon. They commanded it to raise an army of lesser Gargoyles, and soon a swarm of Gargoyles patrolled the perimeter of Tremere territory. For decades and decades there after, the Gargoyles served their Tremere masters without fail. But finally the abuse grew to great, and in the end of the Dark Ages they broke away and became an independent bloodline.

Their appearance resembles that of the Nosferatu, except they mostly have a more "demonic" look. When they are embraced small bat-like wings appear on their backs, and as they gain experience in their Visceratika discipline their wings grow. As the age increase a Gargoyles skin becomes more and more rocklike and hard.

Disciplines: Fortitude, Potence and Visceratika.


The Tzimisce war ghouls are rare and potent beast, the creation demanding dozens of other ghouls; both human and animal, all melted together to one large multi-limbed organism by the use of the rare Tzimisce Discipline called Vicissitude. Such a fusion drives the subject inevitably mad, and is usually lobotomised by the use of Vicissitude as well (this also make them immune to Dominate, Presence and Animalism). They are bonded to only one master, and only that master may order them, although they only grasp a few words. In this modern age of high-tech warfare the Vozhd are extremely rare, as their creation is both time consuming and rarely worth the effort, even a large and terrible monster is no match for rockets or fire. Besides, they are often as much a problem for their masters as for their victims.


In the Dark Ages the Szlachta were the guardian ghouls of the Tzimisce, while the Vozhd where the warriors. But in the modern era, the Szlachta has become the standard Tzimisce ghoul, used both as guardians and as warriors. Warped by Vicissitude, the Szlachta have no resemblance to normal humans, except their vague humanoid from. There are no preset standards for the appearance or size of a Szlachta, this largely depends on the whim of the Tzimisce.

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