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The characters listed here are known to be in the game. However, there is little information on most of them, as we learn more, it will be posted here.

Christof Romuald

Vampire: The Masquerade -Redemption places the player in the role of Christof Romuald, a 12th century knight in a the religious Order of Swordbrethren. Christof starts out full of pride and self-righteous fury at the heathens and monsters he sends to hell. He's arrogant, cocky, and merciless. He is secure in the correctness of his actions, and has no sympathy for his victims and no concept of what existence must be like for the dark creatures he slays. This will change.

When he is injured in fierce battle in western Hungary, he becomes waylaid in a convent in Prague to recover. During this time he falls into a tragic love with Anezka, a nun in service to the Convent and responsible for his healing. While agonizing over the conflict between his black-and-white sense of right and wrong, and his hopeless feelings for Anezka, he becomes a target for one of the several sects of Vampires within Prague. During this anguished period, he is embraced (made into a vampire). When he becomes a vampire his faith is tested for the first time. But his spirituality proves itself to be shallow, and he fails the test miserably. His faith crumbles. He believes that he is the lowliest and most wretched of all beings-a soulless creature undeserving of God's grace. He believes that all such creatures have no place in the world- but now he's one of them.

Christof is quickly drawn unwillingly into the hidden machinations of the vampiric Clans within Prague. The city is soon to become the center of a great conflict between an upstart vampire Clan called the Tremere, composed of human Mages that have stolen the gift by murdering an Elder vampire. This new conflict sets off the series of events that spring the already tenuous strands of power within the area. During all of this, Anezka is also swept up in the affairs of the undead as she boldly tries to find a way to save Christof from his fate, and goes missing. Christof, feeling now that he has caused her doom also, desperately searches for her, and doing so uncovers an ominous portent that could affect the future of both Kindred and Human-kind. An evil greater than any he has imagined is about to awaken, one which Anezka has unfortunately fallen victim to.

I won't reveal any of the game storyline that occurs afterward, but his search bring him from Prague, across the Bohemian forest to Vienna, the treacherous heart of the Tremere's uprising. Along the way he forms alliances and makes enemies of those he meets. Tumultuous events then serve to take him out of action for over 800 years, and he reawakens in modern-day London, 1999. There he continues he quest and tries to adjust to and learn of the changes in the human and vampire worlds since the 12th century. The story's finale occurs in New York City, on the eve of the new millenium. - Ray Gresko of Nihilistic

A Gangrel Christof picks up along the way. Indicated to be 13th generation.

Ecaterina the Wise
An 8th generation vampire of the idealist Brujah, she strives to redeem herself, and other Cainites, through recreating the wonders of Carthage, so that vampires and mortals may live in peace and understanding.

Josef Zvi
Josef Zvi's history lays mostly in darkness. All known about him thus far is that he was the protector of the jewish quarter in Prague, and that he hails from clan Nosferatu.

The Cappadocian abbot of the Petrin Hill Monastary of Prague. Garinol is a follower of the bestial Cainite Heresy, and has turned the monastery into a centre of forbidden lore and dark secrets.

Luther Black
A member of clan Lasombra, he shines with his absence in the memories of his clanmates. Either he has achieved nothing, or been such a magnifico of manipulation, that he has left no trace in the chronicles of Kindred history.

As of yet, nothing is known of this Orsi, except for a name and a face.

A young Cappadocian necromancer who becomes part of Christofs troupe.

Another of Christof's allies.

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