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Antitribu, the word means "anti-tribe" or "anti-clan". It is used to describe those who have rejected their parental clan and have joined the ranks of the Sabbat instead. There's currently only one major exception to this, that's the Lasombra Antitribu. They have forsaken their parental clan, which is one of the leading clans of the Sabbat, and are now instead members of the Camarilla. (Note: That dosn't mean there aren't any Tzimisce Antitribu among the Camarilla, they're just extremely few.)

[ - Brujah - ]

Many consider the Brujah the warriors of the Kindred, and indeed the Brujah are the clan who contains most physical elements. Every personality from nazis to environmentalists, might be found within the Brujah clan.

Outsiders generally regard Brujah as an anarchistic mob, only united by their contempt for authorities. While this is not strictly true, it is certainly not to far from the case. There's a joke that the only thing keeping the Brujah in the Camarilla, is because noone have bothered to fill the cancellation slip. In truth their disunity is mainly the case of their continued membership. Still no other clan have as many members among the anarchs as do the Brujah, and Brujah defection from the Camarilla happen almost nightly. Even those still in the Camarilla are a nuisance to their perspective elders and princes. Still as stated the Brujah are prized warriors, few are more dangerous in straightforward battle.

The clan is divided into three major factors:

  • Iconoclast (the TRUE anarchs) - They lash out at anyone and everyone, with no respect for any organization or establishment. They obey the Masquerade, but only out of self-preservation.
  • Idealist - Mostly older Brujah, and most elder Brujah are Idealists. Looking to the past for guidance and wisdom, they believe the Brujah should unite to achieve a new Carthage.
  • Individualists - Combination of Iconoclast and Idealist, they work together for the good of the clan. They don't however insist others to obey their orders, like the Idealists do.
  • Nickname: Rabble
  • Sect: Debatable members of the Camarilla, when everything comes down to it anarch and Sabbat Brujah combined probably outnumber their Camarilla clan mates by far.
  • Bloodlines: The Sabbat Brujah is considered more brutal and impassioned than their Camarilla and anarch counterparts. While they at least have some measure of ideals, the Sabbat Brujahs ideals drown in their lust for destruction.
  • Clan disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence.

[ - Malkavian - ]

Every Malkavian is demented; their insanity might take many forms, everything from megalomania to paranoia to multiple personalities is common, in truth nothing is uncommon. Behind madness, lies insight. So many Malkavian state anyhow, and indeed their insight is sometimes frightening. What makes them more dangerous than others is hard to say. Often their madness free them from fear of pain and Final Death, and many have murderous urges and a complete lack of emotion which even put other Kindred on a edge. Even so the dangerousness about them must be their freedom from rationality, and dark insight.

  • Nickname: Lunatics
  • Sect: Even though they are members of the Camarilla, who really know on whose side they are on. Most likely the same side as everybody else, their own.
  • Clan disciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate.

[ - Nosferatu - ]

Hideous and twisted even beyond most Tzimisce creations, the Nosferatu must hide from the mortal society. Underground they now make their homes, beyond the eyes of the world of both Kine and Kindred. Their tainted blood warps them beyond ugly only days after their embrace, it's as painful to the body as it is to the mind, and few survive the transformation entirely sane. Consequently their shared damnation has bonded the Nosferatu closer than any other clan, none of the inner conflict which plaques other clans find hold within their ranks. Their most valued skill is stealth, no other clan can sneak and pry as the Nosferatu, and their ability in Obfuscate is unmatched. Whatever city they inhabit, no street is unwatched and no citizens are unaccounted for. If you want to learn more about the people and places inside a city, the Nosferatu is your best bet, cause no secret is beyond their prying eyes.

  • Nickname: Sewer Rats
  • Sect: Officially a member of the Camarilla, some members can still be found among the Sabbat and the Anarchs. There are speculations of their membership among the sects, is just an excuse to keep the others under closer surveillance.
  • Clan disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence.

[ - Toreador - ]

Decadent and pathetic is the most common view of the Toreador, artists, musicians or poets make up their ranks. Accompanied by the Ventrue, the Toreadors mingle among the mortal high society. While Ventrue do it because they're in charge, the Toreador do it to be seen and admired. Considering themselves above such taxing matters as actually leading people or running things. The Toreador live in the most luxurious way they can, enjoying the comforts of the temporal world.

  • Nickname: Degenerates/Artistes/Poseurs
  • Sect: The majority of the clan is in the Camarilla, but a few can be found among the ranks of the Sabbat. Their view on beauty however is a little different then that of their Camarilla counterparts, pain and torture is sweet poetry in their eyes.
  • Clan disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence.

[ - Tremere - ]

Among the youngest of the known clans, the Tremere has only been around since the early Dark Ages. Hailing from a mortal gathering of magicians, the Tremere, aided by forces unknown, gained the gift of vampirism through alchemy, magic and the blood of an elder Tzimisce. That of course ensured them right their one immortal enemy. Waking up to new urges and carvings, the Tremere found their old magic lost beyond reach. But through study and dedication, they mastered a new form of magic, one, which was powered by their blood: Thaumaturgy. Paired with a strong and disciplined hierarchy, the Tremere clan is a force to be reckoned with.

As they're fond of using symbols, the structure of the clan is divided in two parts; the Great Pyramide, and the Great Web. The Great Pyramide symbolizes the inner structure, and each level of the Pyramide has seven circles. Each circle must be mastered before one can move on to the next level. The Great Web symbolizes the influence of the Tremere, stretching their power as a web, covering the entire earth with treads.

  • Nickname: Warlocks
  • Sect: A pillar of the Camarilla, Tremere played an active part in the founding. In their youth they could nothing but gain on such an alliance, and since the Tzimisce stood in opposition they could do little else. Evens so, until recently a few still pledged their loyalty to the Sabbat.
  • Clan disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy.

[ - Ventrue - ]

The Blue Bloods consider themselves the rulers of the Cainite society, and in truth their position is one of leadership among the Camarilla. In ancient nights they recruited among the nobles, the merchant princes and other high society members. Present night however there's has been a lack of such people, and the Ventrue now recruit from "old money" families, ruthless corporate climbers and politicians. From whatever branch of life they may hail, they seek to rule the Camarilla and preserve stability through its ranks. Ask a Ventrue and he will tell you that the whole of the Masquerade rest solely upon their shoulders, without them there would be no Masquerade, and without the Masquerade no vampires could exist. No other clan could bear this burden, or so the Ventrue claim. Even so, the Sabbat still claim a few Ventrue for themselves, these Ventrue however, don't support the views of their clan mates. At least, not to the same extent.

  • Nickname: Blue Bloods
  • Sect: The Princes who do not hail from the Ventrue are rare indeed, there are some, but those are not nearly as many as the ones from clan Ventrue.
  • Clan disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence.

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