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Error processing SSI file

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Error processing SSI file


First thing you must do is edit the shortcut which points to your exe of the game. Mine is stored in C:\Games\Vampire, so you'll have to adjust for your own. If you installed in the default directory, it's something like C:\Programs Files\Vampire the Masquerade - Redemption. My shortcut looks like
"C:\Games\Vampire\Vampire.exe" -console
You should adjust for your own installation. Once you have the shortcut editing, simply start up the game. Then hit the ` key while in the game. It's the key next to the 1 key at the top of the keyboard. Also you'll have to make sure your mouse isn't over any part of the UI; make sure your cursor is in the "action" part of the screen. It's just a little black box at the top of the screen.

To start off, typing "commands" into the console will display all available commands in the UI. Because there are so many though, it isn't really practical to use. But it's there.
[ ]
Moves through previously typed commands. Use for repeated commands.

Sets the aura of the possessed character. Examples are "upset" or "angry" or "confused". Emotions basically.

addalldisciplines #
Adds all available disciplines to the possessed character. # = the level plus 1. So, 0 would give all disciplines at level 1. 1 would give all disciplines at level 2.

adddiscipline <discipline>
Adds the specific discipline to the possessed character. Only individual levels can be added using this. Examples are "HeightenedSenses" and "EyesofChaos".

addthing <thing>
Adds an object/character/etc to the scene or specific location of ST. Examples vozhd, flameLarge, flameMedium, lightRain, heavyRain, snow. Generally not case sensative. So "addthing vozhd" would drop a vozhd where the ST (or ST head) is. "addthing lightrain" would add light rain to the scene.

advance # #
Advances the Scene and Subscene. Examples "advance 2 1". To find out the specific scene and subscene, check the code.
Brings up the advancement screen. Same as hitting the "Advancement" button in the ST panel

ambientvolume #
Sets the ambient sounds volume. Sounds such as cars passing by, birds chirping, or other "background noise".

ai on|off
Enable|disable enemy Artificial Intelligence. If off, the enemy will just stand there and not attack. Default is of course on.

aitrace on|off or 1|0
A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs. Enable|disable AI trace.

Switchs between equipped and backpack weapon. A debugging tool. Since it's so long to type out, it may just be easier to use the inventory paper doll.

cash #
Set possessed character cash to #

castdiscipline <discipline>
Causes possessed character to cast discipline. No spaces in discipline name. No target disciplines allowed.

A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs.

changechronicle <file>
A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs. Change to the <file> chorn. Examples MP_LeavesThree.nsc

Disabled. Was a debugging tool.

clearchronflag #
Clear chronicle flag #. Chronflags are set when a certain event has happened. As an example, flag 1 can be when the players talk to a certain NPC. Until they talk to him/her, the chronflag is off, or cleared. After they talk to him/her, the chronflag is on. Useful for having certain areas locked or unlocked among many other things. See also getchronflag and setchronflag.

combatmessages on|off
Enable|disable display of dice roll numbers. Very useful if you want to study the effectiveness of certain attributes or weapons or disciplines. Bascially allows you see behing the ST's screen in tabletop games.

damageme # (type)
Damages character # points. Default 20. Type is optional and fire, sun, holy, cold, and poison. Without a type, it defaults to normal.

diseaseme #
Disease character for # seconds. Default 30.

dropcash #
Creates cash at ST position. Default 1000.

echo <text>
Displays <text> in the "Status Window". Quicker to simply use ; while ST.

Makes a nonvampire character a vampire. Very useful for turning ordinary NPCs into interesting plot twists. (Once used it on a New York cop and had the players all very confused.) If used on a player's character, the player will need to leave the game and rejoin. Also may not work perfectly each time. If player was a human, they will not receive a clan and will remain displayed as "Human" clan. If a ghoul, they will inherit all the attributes of their ghouling clan.

emit <type>
Emit particles, such as steam, flamelarge, gas, liquid from the ST position.

Ends the game. Very useful when players reach the end of a chronicle.

enemycount <file>
Writes the enemy count and status to <file> in game folder. Primarily a debugging tool, but it should be safe to use.

fog 0|1 R G B # #
Creates fog at the ST position. fog 1 Redvalue Greenvalue Bluevalue <near distance> <far distance>. Example fog 1 25 25 25 600 3000 . Putting a 0 or 1 as the first number turns fog off or on. In experimenting, the distances of 600 and 3000 seem to work the best. Try RGB value of 100 20 20 for a nice "blood" mist. RGB value of 20 100 20 gives a nice "poison gas" look as well.

framerate 1|0
Enable|disable FPS display.

A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs.

freeammo on|off
Enable|disable ammo costs. Great for when you don't want players constantly asking for another clip of assualt rifle ammo.

freecasting on|off
Enable|disable discipline costs. Characters won't spend blood to cast disciplines.

Frenzy possessed character. No time limit or other parameters allowed.

gamma #
Set gamma correction to #. 1.4 is default. Caution: setting the game too high (say above 3) can cause physical damage to your monitor. Try using small incriments (say from 1.4 to 1.6 and 1.8) to get the proper feel.

getchronflag #
View status of chron flag #. See also clearchronflag and setchronflag.

View Chornicle, Location, and Scene settings. Useful for finding out "where" in the code you are.

god 0|1
Tturn God mode off|on. Does this really need anything more? :p

A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs.

heads on|off
Enable|disable UI heads. Those little heads at the bottom of the screen. Was a debugging thing, but should be safe to use since it doesn't really do anything anymore.

idkfa on|off
Same as "freeammo"

jump LevelName, Enter#
Teleports character to the level and entrance #. Example jump Temesvar, 3

Kills possessed character. Another one which doesn't really require a lot to explain. :)

lightblobs on|off
Circles of light you see when dynamic lights are active. Same as turning them off in the "Display" control panel. Was a debugging tool, may be safe to use and may not. Use at your own risk.

loadpath <file>
A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs.

maxfps #
Set max framerate to #. Without # removes cap. Useful if you're on a low end system and need to suddenly increase the action.

maxopenedlocs #
Max opened locations. Range from 4 to 99. Useful if you have a low end system and don't want to have too many levels loaded into memory.

modellod #
Model Level Of Detail factor. Useful if you are on a low end system and can tolerate less graphics.

musicvolume #
Sets music volume.

display network status such as traffic and packets. I'm sure someone has a use for this, I just don't know what.

noitemstatchecks on|off
Enable|disable item stat requirements check

numshadows #
# of shadows per object.

particles on|off
Such as discipline effect, flames, etc.

Pause game. "resume" unpauses

playambient <filename>
Change MP3 ambient sounds file.

playmusic <file>
Change MP3 music file. Example "playmusic nyc_hub"

poisonme #
Poison possessed character # of seconds. default 30.

prelights on|off
Enable|disable prelit models.

A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs.

Unpause game. "pause" to pause.

Revive possessed character.

roomtype #
EAX stuff (evironmental audio). # = 1 to 22

Custom camera path used for cutscenes. Will most likely cause bugs or crashes or other curruption. Use with caution.

A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs.

scaleme <dur> W D H
Scale model <duration> width depth height. Will cause corruption if your character is saved while scaled. Will possibly cause corruption otherwise also. Further, the other players will not see the scaling effect. Basically, useless.

Lists the available scenes.

setchronflag #
Set chronicle flag # on. See also clearchronflag and getchronflag.

setdetect #
# = 0 to 5. Sets how good you are at seeing hidden things. Will not work well with Heightened Senses. So a debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs.

sethide #
Set invisibility of character. May not work well with Obfuscate. See setdetect.

setsoak #
A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs. Set the soak of possessed character. How much damage they can absorb before actually getting hurt.

shadow #
Set shadow complexity. Without # display shadow detail

shapeshift <model>
A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs. Change one model into another. "wolf" for example.

shell <texture> on|off
Sets colored shells on a character.

sky on|off
Enable|disable sky rendering. Useful for low end systems.

soundcache #
Set sound cache. 8000000 default.

speed #
Sets the game speed. 0 to disable. Max 6. See Timescale also.

Stake character for 20 seconds. No other time settings allowed.

A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs. Replaced by the \ key in ST mode.

A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs. More precise information coming in SDK2.

Stop the ambient sound.

Stops the music.

team #
Set possessed character to team #. Without # display current team. Useful for when you have Coop on and a player wants to attack another. Also useful for setting one group to Team 1 and another group to Team 2. Also useful for setting an opponent NPC to friendly with the players, such as dropping a Tzimisce into the game and having it be an ally.

thinglights #
set maximum number of dynamic lights used to light something to # (default 4). Without # to see current.

throwgib <object>
Creates a gibbed object. Example "throwgib szlachta_head".

timescale #
Scale time. 0 pause, 1 normal, 2 twice as fast. Good for Matrix-cams according to NSI_Death. :) Note: all time based effects will go by as fast as the scale. Setting it to 2 means Celerity wears off twice as fast but so do stakings.

Display totals for level.

Access vault for possessed pc.

vertexlight on|off
Enable|disable lightmaps. Same as the one in "Display" control panel.

Display floor, model, position, sector of possessed PC

xp <playernum> <XPamount>
In SP, one parameter gives XP to current player. In MP, give XP to specific character. Playnum = same order as CP. (This is not how the ST should give out XP.)

zclip #
A debugging tool. Do not use, or you will encounter bugs. Sets far clipping plane.

Special thanks to NSI_Death, Veldrin, and Magicman for their help in figuring this all out. :)
-Freaky Ferret

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Error processing SSI file