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Game Facts

Character Facts

  • There are well over one hundred characters in the game, ranging from other Vampires in different clans or seats of power. You'll meet the citizens of each city, shopkeepers and members of the clergy, lawmen and miscreants. There are also human vampire hunters, remainders of the Inquisition (called the Society of Leopold) and the FBI. This is all in addition to the many non-human monster-type enemies.

  • You start off the game alone, but as you progress, you eventually have a party of four characters. The characters appear at planned times during the story, and are fully developed characters with a unique background and purpose. The player has the ability to access some of the abilities of other Clans through the use of the party, and they are heavily involved in the story flow. They help Christof not only with these special abilities and extra sets of fangs, but also by providing a different insight and their own contacts within the World of Darkness.

  • Nihilistic will be using a "softskin" animation for the characters, making them seem as realistic and life-like as possible. You won't see any seams in the mode, unlike usual, run-of-the-mill polygonal characters. Each character will possess their own unique physical features as well as vampiric abilities, distinguishing each player within your party. You control the selected character's swing or firing of each weapon, all in a real-time, while non-controlled characters join the fray on their own.

Level Facts

  • Vampire will stretch across 4 centuries and will end at the millenium, while starting back in the 12th century. The first act takes place in medieval Prague and Vienna, and besides the main city areas, you'll explore cathedrals, monasteries and synagogues, underground catacombs, graveyards, forested outdoor areas, etc. The second act takes place in modern day London and New York. Some areas here include shipyards, rave clubs, hidden vampire lairs within unassuming locations, sewers, nasty inner-city slums and uptown urban areas.

  • Vampire will be using level maps that are interchangeable with those from Quake II. You'll not only be able to create your own maps (the level editor will be included on the CD-ROM), but you'll be able to import actual Quake II maps that will make for some multiplayer mayhem.

  • The missions involve a mix of puzzle-solving, negotiation and visceral combat utilizing the unique vampiric gifts you have at your disposal. Each mission's style is different, so there's always something new ahead for the player to experience.

  • There are 16 different core 'missions' that take place, with subgoals sprinkled throughout. You're mostly driven along by the story. The continuous world the gameplay takes place within also aids this feeling, since each of the four cities utilized are connected pieces that you can travel through.

  • The 'sublevels' are large and extremely detailed, each segment containing at least as many surfaces as you'd find in a normal FPS's full level.

Level Editor Facts

  • Along with all the capabilities to create your own locations, character and chronicles (stories). The level editor is based on QERadiant code which we licensed from id, and even though it's been heavily modified to support our new features and gameplay, it should be familiar to most of the level creators out there. Players will be able to build their own locations and play their own campaigns. Although the underlying output is nothing like a Quake level, the interface will be essentially the same. Anyone familiar with a Quake-style editor shouldn't find working with "Embrace" hard at all.

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