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The legends of Cainites are many and often contradicting each other. This is the most accepted version; still it may contain flaws and misunderstandings.

The First Vampire:

According to legend Caine, the first murderer was the first of the Kindred. He and his brother Abel were both sons of Adam and Eve. For reasons unknown he slew his brother and was exiled by God for the Crime. Three angels sought him out in his exile and explained that he needed only beg forgiveness and his exile would be at an end. Three times he refused, and where thereby cursed to become the First Vampire.

The First City:

After years, maybe decades, he wandered alone on the yet young earth. Finally he reached a place where men had established a town or city, the First City. Ave struck by his powers, they made him their ruler. For a long period he ruled over them and was content, but that could not last. He became a victim of the same thing that countless of other Cainites has became a victim for countless of times since then, loneliness. Three childer did he chose, and their names are surrounded by myths, still those most commonly accepted are: Enoch, Zillah and Irad. They in turn created progeny of their own, and soon vampires threatened to outnumber the mortals. Mortals and immortals lived side by side for years to come, but the vampires regarded mortals as servants, not as equals. This was not something, which Caine approved of. Then came what is know as the Great Flood, the city was destroyed together with many of its inhabitants, both mortal and otherwise.

The Second City:

Caine left in disgust, believing the flood to be punishment from God because he had shared his damnation with others. With him away the others did no longer need to follow his rules. And the Third Generation, later known as the Antediluvians rose up and destroyed their sires, the Second Generation. A new city was constructed; the Second City, and the Children of Caine ruled it as had Caine ruled the First. This city, however, did not last. The Antediluvian soon began to contest among themselves, embracing mortals and using them as pawns against each other. Everything was destroyed before long, and thus began the Jyhad.

The Clans:

Each Antediluvian went out into the world and founded their own clan, embracing mortals to serve as their pawns and servant in the all-consuming war known only as the Jyhad. As they grew older their power increased and so did their periods of Torpor, the magical sleep of the vampires. Before long their Torpor lasted decades, even centuries, and their clans where left on their own devices. Many of the Antediluvians developed powers, which allowed them to control and instruct their followers from Torpor, indeed in time all would have this power. In modern times, the Antediluvians are just another myth, along with the First City, the legend of Caine and the founding of the clans. Many of the youngest even believe the stories to be just that, stories.

The Generations:

Fourth and Fifth Generation
Over thousand years old, they go by the name of Methuselah, and their power is said to almost rival that of the Antediluvians. Fewer and fewer of the Methuselahs remain active, as their vitae is the target of many Kindred centuries their younger. Some are rumoured to enter Torpor, while some whisper that the Camarilla Inner Circle and the Sabbats regent and prisci are member of the powerful Methuselahs.

Sixth, Seventh and Eight Generation
Most of the known and visible players of the Jyhad are members of these generations, large amounts of influence and power are at their command, this making them prime pawns for the Antediluvians and Methuselahs. Although few find it conceivable that they may themselves may be pawns in another's game. As most Cainites from these generations are at least a few centuries old, younger members of the Cainite race refer to them as Elders.

Ninth and Tenth Generations
Kindred from ninth and tenth generation live a dangerous unlife, older and more experienced that lesser neonates and ancillae, but far to weak and young to gain power and influence among their elders. Many hunger for the power just out of their grasp, and some grasp for this power, many falls, but a few raise their position by several layers.

11th, 12th and 13th Generations
Few are older than a couple of decades, maybe a century at most. Powerful they may be, but not by far a match for any elder Cainite. Most player character will hail from these generations.

14th and 15th generations
In these modern night more and more high generation Kindred have appeared, so weak is the blood that few may embrace childer, some can walk during the daylight hours and even live partly on mortal food. Rumour has it that few, a few unlucky ones, even age. Not as fast as mortals, but still aging, year-by-year getting a little older, until the night they die from old age.

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