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    The Paths of Enlightment

When you're embraced into immortality it is likely that you will try, atleast for a time, to hold on to such morals and ethics that where imortant to you in life. This set of "rules" are called Humanity. As your value on human life and property decrease, the harder is it for you to understand or comprehend mortal emotions or feelings. Also as you gradualy descend further into damnation you will look and act more "unatural", and normal humans might also start to feel uneasy around you. And finnaly when your rating hits zero you lose all self-control and you inner beast takes control.

Below is the Hierarchy of Sin for Humanity, the Hierarcy is a kind of "list" where you can check what is required for you to lose rating.

Hierarchy of Sin - Humanity
Humanity   Moral Guideline
10   Selfish thoughts
9   Minor selfish acts
8   Injury to another
7   Theft
6   Accidental violation (drinking a vessel dry)
5   Intentional propery damage
4   Impassioned violation (killing in a frenzy)
3   Planned voilation (outright murder)
2   Casual voilation (thoughless killing)
1   Utter perversion of heinous acts

You should be aware, however, that vampire embraced in other cultures or other eras of the world will probably have a different view of humanity. This was just an example of what Humanity would be like for a average citizen of the world today. A vampire who used to be a Viking raider or Samurai in life would probably have a very different set of "morals" than those mentioned above.

Many chronicles will proabably be spendt with the players trying to hold on to their Humanity, and not leting the beast take control. And indeed this is recomended for new players. However, more experienced players, or StoryTellers, will probably at some time want to try something different. This is where the Paths come into play. Normaly a human will have a rating of around 7, an elder vampire however might have a rating of 3, or even lower. Now as to avoid losing all of their self control some adopt a totaly new set of moral guidelines, and make no mistake these guidelines are very different from those followed by any human and might possibly even be uncomprehendable for young vampires, a list describing a few of these alternate paths can be found below.

The Paths of Enlightment
  • The Path of Blood
  • The Path of the Bones
  • The Path of Night
  • The Path of Metamorphosis
  • The Path of Paradox
  • The Path of Typhon

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